Vanessa Otero is a PhD Researcher at VICARTE research unit and the Department of Conservation and Restoration of the NOVA School of Science and Technology. She has recently been awarded a contract for Junior Researcher in the 2020 competitive Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus promoted by FCT. She completed her PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (specialisation in Conservation Science) at FCT NOVA in 2018. She holds a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Conservation Science. Her research is focused on the study of artists’ materials, including their historical production, colour stability and the analytical methods used to identify them in heritage objects.  Currently, she has an h-index of 12 with 17 published peer-reviewed papers.

Representative works:

M. Ghirardello, V. Otero, D. Comelli, L. Toniolo, D. Dellasega, L. Nessi, M. Cantoni, G. Valentini, A. Nevin, M. J. Melo (2021). An investigation into the synthesis of cadmium sulfide pigments for a better understanding of their reactivity in artworksDyes Pigm., 186, 108998.

F. Bessa, N. Ratcliffe, V. Otero, P. Sobral, J. C. Marques, C. M. Waluda, P. N. Trathan, J. C. Xavier (2019). Microplastics in penguins from the Antarctic region. Sci. Rep., 9, 14191.

B. Rodrigues, Â. Santos, M.J. Melo, V. Otero, M. Vilarigues (2019). Magic Lantern Glass Slides Materials and Techniques: the First Multi-Analytical StudyHeritage, 2 (3), 2513–2530.

V. Otero, J. V. Pinto, L. Carlyle, M. Vilarigues, M. Cotte, M. J. Melo (2017). Nineteenth century chrome yellow and chrome deep from Winsor & NewtonTMStud. Conservat. 62 (3), 123-149.

V. Otero, D. Sanches, C. Montagner, M. Vilarigues, L. Carlyle, J. A. Lopes, M. J. Melo (2014). Characterisation of metal carboxylates by Raman and infrared spectroscopy in works of art. J. Raman Spectrosc. 45, 1197-1206.