Rute Correia Chaves is a Ph.D. fellow in Conservation Science, at Department of Conservation and Restoration (FCT-UNL), in partnership with VICARTE (FCT-UNL) and Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (IST-UL), working with chalcolithic pottery of the Lisbon region. Her research focuses in analytical techniques applied to the characterization and preservation of pre-historic ceramics, studing clay materials and production techniques, including soures of raw material. In 2014 she carried out the conservation and restoration of a medieval and modern collection of ceramics from Morroco. Thus, in addition to scientific work, she has extensive experience in ceramic restoration, acquired over more than 8 years, working with pieces of national importance, collaborating with renowned units such as National Archeology Museum, UNIARQ and CHAM.

Representative works:

R. Chaves, J. Veiga, A. Soares (2020). Cerâmicas Calcolíticas de Vila Nova de São Pedro (Região de Lisboa): Caracterização textural e química – Primeira abordagem. Proceedings of the XIII Congresso Ibérico de Arqueometria, Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro, 16-19 Outubro 2019.

R. Chaves, A. Lima, J. Coroado, A. Teixeira, M. Vilarigues; N. Leal, A. Karra, A. Monge Soares (2018). Medieval and early modern ceramics from Azemmour (Morocco) – Textural, mineralogical and chemical analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 21, 1152-1162.

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