Further understanding of degradation mechanisms of glass and ceramic, both outdoor and indoor, and developing new and sustainable products and methodologies to prevent further damage and/or loss our cultural heritage.

At VICARTE recent investigations have produced significant advances on the understanding of glass and glazed surfaces and their degradation. We will focus on

  • Degradation of glass-based materials in stained-glass (glasses, grisailles and enamels) resulting from their exposure to different atmospheres. Thermography will be used to study stained glass window degradation due to thermal variations.
  • Lichen biodeterioration on tiles, evaluating the influence of environmental conditions on its colonization, testing efficacy and safety of various cleaning methods, and developing conservation strategies for tiles exposed outdoors.
  • Glass alteration by atmospheric water, acid gases and particulates, of objects in indoor conditions, a well-known problem in museums.

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Losing Transparency, Increasing Clarity