Creating and exploring synergies between art and science as a catalyst for creative processes and projects that engage  artistic practice with critical and theoretical debate. We aim to create a basis for a theoretical territory in which practices, teaching and evaluation of both art and science are debated and new strategies are formulated.

As there is no general agreement concerning common and distinct elements defining the terms “artistic practice” and “artistic research”, we aim to develop a theoretical basis wherein strategies for practicing, teaching and evaluating art are formulated. We will investigate, in and through artistic and scientific experimental practice, differences and similarities, and influences of one field into another. The degree to which values and terminology from the observational sciences may be influencing Art as opposed to the influence historically exerted by philosophy will be called into question. Also, we acknowledge the growing visibility of  artistic research, as recently proposed by the Frascati manual and stated by the Vienna Artistic Research declaration. For so, Labs, ateliers, and artistic residencies will engage research and practice in both domains.

Members are also involved in several national scientific projects such  Photo Impulse: Measuring the colonies and international projects such as the Creative Europe Project 616850-CREA-1-2020-1-IT-CULT-COOP1 PTM – Pass the Mic! Decolonizing education through arts, whether as guest artists or research members.

Guest artists

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