At VICARTE we aim disclosing and reinterpreting traditional techniques, exploring their translation into contemporary applications, to design sustainable practices and transmission of traditional knowledge. Encouraging the sharing of know-how between generations through collaborations with artists and artisans on the international and local levels as a stimulus for the creation of a renewed market.

VICARTE aims to activate the crafts sector by re-establishing almost extinct techniques toward new sustainable products through:

  • the strengthening of intercultural relations between native Cape Verde and generations of immigrants living in Portugal, particularly in Almada. The planned initiatives will invest people with know-how, aimed at job creation in crafts and design.
  • the study of viability of use and technical characteristics of local ceramics pastes for the production of daily life objects and public art in collaboration with Oficinas do Convento-Centro Unesco.

In 2020 as team member of the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 project T-Factor, Creative Europe Craft-HUB and Erasmus E+KA2 Craft, VICARTE is researching craft skills heritage and their potential to greatly benefit local ecosystems, both in terms of improving social cohesion, participation and well-being, and their role in the creation and development of long-term local, sustainable economic ecosystems. The aim is to map craft skills, investigate ways of recording and transmitting them, but more importantly, to create sustainable models where skills can be transferred intergenerationally. These models will contribute to increased economic capacity and resilience in the long-term, and have positive impacts on present and future social cohesion and well-being. This in itself can act as a scalable model for other communities globally that share similar characteristics, where the impact of craft will be significant and potentially revolutionary.

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