Pedro Matos Fortuna (Setúbal, 1962) has a PhD in Fine Arts, Painting, by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisboa University where teaches since 2000. Uses ceramics as a privileged media of expression. Studies natural semantics, heuristic readings, and the value of analogy in creative artistic procedures with a transcendentalist character, as well as discourses of repetition. Reflection, conceptual and artistic elaboration around the perception and identity of “place”, eventually using natural raw materials in ceramic bodies and coatings. Occasional wood firer.

Representative works:

P. Fortuna (2013). Outra vez… muitas vezes. Repetição no contexto cerâmico” in Isabel Sabino (Coord.) Com ou sem tintas: Composição ainda? FBAUL.

P. Fortuna (2010). Woodfire – performance and meaning, European Woodfire Conference, Shlöss Bröllin, Alemanha.

(2013). Queda de um canto de pássaro, Lisboa.

(2005). 5ª Biennale Inter. dell’Arte Contemporanea, Firenze.

(2004). A água mostra quem não se vê, Lisboa e Palmela.

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