Marta Manso is an Assistant Researcher at the Physics department of the NOVA School of Science and Technology and a Guest Assistant Professor at the Sciences of Art and Heritage department from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. She integrates the LIBPhys centre in the Analytical Techniques Development and Application research line, contributing to Heritage studies. Marta Manso is an expert in X-ray fluorescence spectrometry with a PhD in Physics in 2011 from the University of Lisbon. She has over 60 peer-review publications, 10 supervised MSc thesis and, 4 ongoing PhD thesis. She coordinates the project IH4Future: Material Culture, Scientific Culture, Industrial Heritage for the Future, funded by FCT and FEDER.

Representative works:

I. Tissot, J.F. Fonseca, M. Tissot, M. Lemos, M.L. Carvalho, M. Manso (2021). Discovering the colours of industrial heritage characterisation of paint coatings from the powerplant at the Levada de Tomar. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 52 (1), 208-216.

S.A.B. Lins, M. Manso, P.A.B. Lins, A. Brunetti, A. Sodo, G.E. Gigante, A. Fabbri, P. Branchini, L. Tortora, S. Ridolfi (2021). Modular ma-xrf scanner development in the multi-analytical characterisation of a 17th century Azulejo from Portugal. Sensors, 21(5), 1-13.

C. Mortari, A. Nobre Pais, L. Esteves, A. Gago da Câmara, M.L. Carvalho, M. Manso (2021). Raman and X-ray fluorescence glaze characterisation of Maria Keil’s decorative tile panels. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 52 (1), 59-70.

M. Manso, R. Simão, L. Arruda, M.L. Carvalho, F.A.B. Pereira (2020). Non-destructive X-ray fluorescence and Raman micro-analytical study of coffee drawings by Lagoa Henriques. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 167, [108301].

I. Tissot, M. Manso, M.F. Guerra (2018). Unveiling the art of René Lalique with XRF and Raman spectroscopy – Technological innovation in jewellery production. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 33, 83-89.