Márcia Vilarigues is Assistant Professor and Head of the Conservation Department at FCT NOVA. She is also the Director of the Research Unit VICARTE (Glass and Ceramic for the Arts), integrating 36 members (16 PhD students), including artist, historian, archeologists, conservators, chemists and material scientists. She  works in the field of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage in the area of Technical Art History and Materials Degradation. Her motivation for research is to preserve our material cultural history and enrich knowledge of our shared past through the history of objects. As team member of the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 project T-Factor, Creative Europe Craft-HUB and Erasmus E+KA2 Craft, I am researching craft skills heritage and their potential to greatly benefit local ecosystems, both in terms of improving social cohesion, participation and well-being, and their role in the creation and development of long-term local, sustainable economic ecosystems. Márcia Vilarigues supervised 5 PhDs and 20 MSc theses, and others are currently in progress. She is the co-author of one book and six book chapters, as well more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Representative works:

M. Vilarigues, C. Machado, A. Machado, M. Costa, L.C. Alves, I.P. Cardoso, A. Ruivo (2020). Grisailles: reconstruction and characterization of historical recipes. International Journal of Applied Glass Science, 11 (4), 756-773.

T. Hagendijk, M. Vilarigues, S. Dupré (2020). Materials, Furnaces, and Texts: How to Write about Making Glass Colours in the Seventeenth CenturyAmbix, 67 (4), 323-345.

B. Rodrigues, Â. Santos, M.J. Melo, V. Otero, M. Vilarigues (2019). Magic Lantern Glass Slides Materials and Techniques: the First Multi-Analytical StudyHeritage, 2 (3), 2513–2530.

A. Machado, M. Vilarigues (2018). Blue enamel pigment – chemical and morphological characterization of its corrosion processCorrosion Science, 139, 235–242.

D. Sanches, A.M. Ramos, J.F.J. Coelho, C.S.M.F. Costa, M. Vilarigues, M.J. Melo (2017). Correlating thermophysical properties with the molecular composition of 19th century chrome yellow oil paintsPolymer Degradation and Stability, 138, 201-211.

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