Ângela Santos has both Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Conservation and Restoration, with specialization in Stained-glass and Stained-glass Painting Materials (namely the sanguine paint). Her research has been focused on the materials’ characterization, the study of history and techniques of artistic productions of painted glass materials.


She is currently undertaking PhD studies in Conservation Science at CORES Program (Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage) with the subject “Lanterna Magica –Technology and preservation of painted glass slides for projection with Magic Lanterns”.


The project concerns:

  • the selection of representative glass slides from national collections;
  • the study of the use, role, and significance of Magic Lanterns in social contexts (Portugal and Europe);
  • the characterization of the historical glass slides (chemical composition and technique of production);
  • the evaluation of state of preservation of the historical glass slides;
  • the study of materials and production techniques to reconstruct painted glass slides with historically accurate materials;
  • the study of the materials’ degradation processes using the reconstructed glass slides;
  • the study of the conservations issues and options for the materials’ preservation.