Andreia Ruivo graduated in Chemistry and also obtained the master degree in Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL). In 2013 she received her Ph.D. degree in Sustainable Chemistry with the thesis entitled “Synthesis and characterization of innovative luminescent glasses for artistic applications” in collaboration with the Photochemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry Research Group (Requimte) and Vicarte. Currently Andreia Ruivo is working on the development of new sustainable glass materials, as luminescent and coloured glasses using inexpensive and non-toxic raw materials, creating innovation in art and industry. As main methodologies used are standard synthetic methods, UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy, steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy, dilatometry, X-Ray Fluorescence, differential scanning calorimetry and different microscopy techniques.

Representative works:

C.A.T. Laia, A. Ruivo (2019). Photoluminescent Glasses and Their Applications. In B. Pedras (ed.) Fluorescence in Industry. Springer Series on Fluorescence, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Basel.

A. Ruivo, E. Coutino-Gonzalez, M.M. Santos, W. Baekelant, E. Fron, M.B.J. Roeffaers, F. Pina, J. Hofkens, and C.A.T. Laia (2018). Highly Photoluminescent Sulfide Clusters Confined in Zeolites. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122, 14761-14770.

A. Ruivo, M. Ferro, S. Andrade, J. Rocha, F. Pina, C.A.T. Laia (2016). Photoluminescent Nanocrystals in a Multicomponent Aluminoborosilicate Glass. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (43) (2016) 24925–24931.

A. Ruivo, T. Almeida, F. Quintas, R. Wiley, M. Troeira, N. Paulino, C.AT. Laia, C.A. Queiroz, A. Pires de Matos (2013). Colours of Luminescent Glasses for Artworks. In L. MacDonald, S. Westland and S. Wuerger, Proceedings of the 12th International AIC Colour Congress, 885-888.

Member of the organising committee of the exhibition “Within light / inside glass, an intersection between art and science”, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Palazzo Loredan, Campo S. Stefano, Venice, Italy, 8th February – 19th April, 2015.

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