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Art technological research supported, with an adequate analytical methodology for both morphologic and chemical characterization of painted surfaces.

My research line is centred on historical stained glass painting techniques, involving the production technology and degradation. Key points for the development of my research are the study of historical treatises, the reproduction of painting recipes, and further corrosion studies.

Publications: Vilarigues, M. & Machado, A. (2015). Pintar com luz: o esmalte azul na pintura de vitral. Química 137, 31–35.

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Machado, A. & Vilarigues, M. (2016). Cobalt blue – reproduction and characterisation of blue enamel recipes from The Handmaid to the Arts by Robert Dossie. Glass Technology: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part A 57, 131–140.

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