Parinaz Faghihi was born in 1985, Iran. Currently she lives in Belgium. She got her Bachelor of Arts (Paintings) at Art University of Tehran in 2010 and master degree in Paintings during in 2013. Since 2014 she is a PhD student in Fine Arts at the FBAUP under a grant of FCT Scholarship. In her PhD thesis she studied the development of approaches to public glass art. She participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Iran, Portugal and Spain. She also attended several international conferences and delivered lectures in Tabriz Islamic Art University and Abgineh Museum (the Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran) in Iran. She is interested in Glass Arts, Public Art, Art Education and Fine Arts.

Representative works:

P. Faghihi, F. Quintas, T. Almeida (2017). Architectural glass in the ‎‎18th to 20th centuries in Iran. 5th International Conference on Glass Science in Art ‎and Conservation. Lisbon, Portugal. June 2017, Page 43-45. ISBN: 978-989-99528-3-6‎.

P. Faghihi, F. Quintas, T. Almeida (2017). The Impact of the Evolution of Modern Technology on the Public Glass Art. Public art in the digital creativity era. Porto, Portugal. April 2017.

P. Faghihi, F. Quintas, T. Almeida (2017). The role of education on the improvement of glass art in public spaces. International Conference on the Arts in Society, Paris, France. June 2017.

P. Faghihi (2016). Bordalo Pinheiro: 170 anos depois por alunos de Belas artes. ISBN 978-989-746-102-6.

P. Faghihi, F. Quintas, T. Almeida (2016). Preventing Vandalism in Public Glass Art. CIANTEC — International Congress in Art New Technologies and Communication, Fábrica São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil, 2016. ISBN 978-85-62814-14-3.