Isabelle Catucci has a degree in Sculpture, a master’s in Social Anthropology, and ongoing PhD in Fine Arts- Sculpture at Faculdade de Belas Artes – Universidade de Lisboa. Professor at the Universidade Federal Paraná – Brazil, in the field of three-dimensional poetics since 2013. She has held and organized exhibitions since 2004, with an emphasis on sculpture and ceramics. Develops works in different languages, in recent years has been dedicated to spatial discussions, mapping, territorialities, devices and systems for controlling the land, and the relevance of the earth in artistic languages.

Representative works:

(2020-2021). Artistic Residency at Armazém56- Arte Sx, Seixal, Portugal.

(2019). Exhibition Arte Pesquisa – Museu de Arte da Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil.

(2018-2019). Coordinator of the Visual Art Course – Universidade Federal do Paraná.

(2016-2019). Coordinator of the university extension Project Common Spaces Project – Artistic Practices in Ceramic at the Arts Department of the Universidade Federal do Paraná.

(2013). Organizing the Project and the book Henrique Aragão – Esculturas Públicas.