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PhD in History of the Art with thesis entitled Religious Gothic Architecture in Portugal in the Fourteenth Century: the Time of Experimentalisms and a line of investigation with particular focus in the area of religious architecture. More recently my interests also include research in the study of glass and its respective iconography in the Medieval and Modern Ages.

2017 “The impact of Franciscan Architecture in the Mediterranean context: singularities of the Portuguese case”, Selected Proceedings from the First International Conference on Franciscan Studies: “The World of St. Francis” (July 16-20, 2015), Bradley R. Franco and Beth A. Mulvaney, eds., Siena, Betti Editrice , pp. 125-132, ISBN: 978-88-7576-506-4

2018 “Femina et Templo: o Papel das Mulheres no Desenvolvimento da Arquitectura Religiosa dos Séculos XIII e XIV em Portugal”, en Silvia Cernadas Martínez y Miguel García-Fernández (coords.), Reinas e Infantas en los Reinos Medievales Ibéricos. Contribuciones para su estudio, Servizo de Publicacións da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, colección “Cursos e Congresos”, pp. 203-220, 2016, ISBN: 978-84-16533-89-3. 

2016 “Os Claustros Catedralícios de Lisboa e Évora: Experimentalismos Arquitectónicos”, Rossi Vairo, Giulia, Ramôa Melo, Joana (coord.), Claustros no Mundo Mediterrânico (séculos X-XVIII), Coimbra, Almedina, pp. 71-86, ISBN:978-972-40-5903-7

2011 “Characterization of an ovoid glass object with Anthropomorphic Reliefs”,  in GLASSAC11 – Glass Science in Art and Conservation: Innovative Technologies in Glass Art, Design and Conservation from the 19th to the 21st Century- the Role of the Sciences, Wurzburg Fraunhofer-Institut Fur Silicatforschung ISC (Editor), Wertheim-Bronnbach Internationales ZentrumFur Kulturguterschutz Und KonservierungsforschungIZKK (Editor)


Co-organizer (Scientific Committee) of the international conference  Encontro Internacional Sobre Claustros no Mundo Mediterrânico (séculos X-XVIII) / International Conference on Cloisters in the Mediterranean World (10th to 18th centuries), Lisbon, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, 20-22 de Junho de 2013