Francisca Pulido Valente is a Ph.D. fellow in conservation and restoration at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Caparica, Portugal. She graduated at 2011 and received her master’s degree in conservation and restoration from that university in 2013. Her research focuses mainly in the areas of: analytical techniques and methods applied to the characterization, study and preservation of Cultural Heritage (in particular on glass); Corrosion of glass surfaces; Glass characterization studies: (i) Materials and techniques for glass production; (ii) Characterization of glass objects from archaeological sites; (iii) History and Preservation; (iv) Restoration of glass and ceramics objects from Museums and archaeological sites.

Representative works:

F.P. Valente, I. Coutinho, T. Medici, C. Brain, M. Vilarigues (2016). A Group of Early English Lead Crystal Glass Goblets Found in LisbonJournal of Glass Studies, vol. 58, 211-225.