A VICARTE exhibition focused on novel glasses with application in art works. This exhibition was held at the International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge, United Kingdom, from 23 to 26 August 2019 and at the Venice Glass Week, Venice, Italy, September 7-15, 2019.

Novel Glasses with Various Optical Properties is an exhibition focused on new glasses with application
in art works. Glasses with different colours are shown and the elements used in their preparation
are discussed. Luminescent glasses doped with lanthanide oxides are presented, showing different luminescent colours under UV light. Additionally, and for the first time, luminescent glass pieces using opaque white glass from Effetre are on show. Also on show here are coloured glasses under daylight, including red and yellow glasses, which were obtained by new surface colouring techniques.
This exhibition is integrated in the International Year of the Periodic Table as the several elements
used in the glass colouring process are described.