César Laia is Assistant Professor at FCT/UNL, Portugal. SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS ISI publications: 62 (last 5 years: 23) of which is corresponding author of 24. Book Chapters: 1 Patents: 3 (1 World Patent). 1 Patent submitted. Proceedings and other type of publications: 10 ONGOING R&D PROJECTS: César A.T. Laia is FCT-NOVA local PI of a H2020 NMBP-05-2017 Project DecoChrom, with a total budget of more than 6 million euros (https://decochrom.com/). PI of a National project (Funded by FCT). Team Member of a RISE European Training Network Project INFUSION (https://tatdaros.wixsite.com/infusion) and a National project (Funded by FCT). SUPERVISION ACTIVITIES Master Thesis (2nd cycle): 14 master projects completed. 2 ongoing. PhD Thesis (3rd cycle): 3 PhD completed. 5 PhD projects in progress. Supervisor of Research grants: 4 fellowships ongoing. 3 Post-Doc supervisions. TEACHING ACTIVITIES Leader of 3 Curricular Units (since 2015, 1st and 2nd cycle). Teacher in 9 Curricular Units since 2009 in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles. Lecturer of the Ph.D. Doctoral Programme in the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (CORES).

Representative works:

C.A.T. Laia, A. Ruivo (2019). Photoluminescent Glasses and Their Applications. In B. Pedras (ed.) Fluorescence in Industry. Springer Series on Fluorescence, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Basel.

A. Ruivo, E. Coutino-Gonzalez, M.M. Santos, W. Baekelant, E. Fron, M.B.J. Roeffaers, F. Pina, J. Hofkens, and C.A.T. Laia (2018). Highly Photoluminescent Sulfide Clusters Confined in ZeolitesJournal of Physical Chemistry C, 122, 14761-14770.

A. Ruivo, M. Ferro, S. Andrade, J. Rocha, F. Pina, C.A.T. Laia (2016). Photoluminescent Nanocrystals in a Multicomponent Aluminoborosilicate GlassJournal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (43) (2016) 24925–24931.

J.M. Delgado, A. Raymundo, M. Vilarigues, L.C. Branco, C.A.T. Laia (2015). Characterization of a Novel Intrinsic Luminescent Room‐Temperature Ionic Liquid Based on [P6,6,6,14][ANS]. Chem. Eur. J., 21, 726-732.

A. Ruivo, S.M. Andrade, J. Rocha, C.A.T. Laia, F. Pina (2014). Formation of Photoluminescent Lead Bromide Nanoparticles on Aluminoborosilicate Glass. J. Phys. Chem. C, 118, 23, 12436–12442.