Anna Cristoforetti graduated as a Master of Science in Classical Archaeology at the University of Bologna with a thesis on Roman and Medieval glass finds of an archaeological site in Northern Italy. She is now a PhD student in Conservation Science at FCT-NOVA. Her project -Medieval Glass in Motion. Portugal within a European context- aims to map the medieval glass objects in the Portuguese territory through a systematic methodology, approaching history, archaeological contexts, determining the glass chemical composition, disclosing connections through cultural contacts, as well as the craft specialization involved in the making of the objects.

Representative works:

A. Cristoforetti, M.Guaitoli, T. Medici (2019). A proposal for an exhibition of the glass finds from the archaeological excavation in Tommaso Gar Street, Trento, in Atti del X Convegno Internazionale Diagnosis for the conservation and valorization of cultural heritage, 5-6 Dicembre 2019, Napoli Museo Archeologico Nazionale.

Gli scavi nel centro urbano di Selinunte, Selinunte (PT)