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Team members: Teresa Almeida (artistic coordinator, talmeida@fba.up.pt), António Pires de Matos (scientific coordinator, pmatos@ctn.ist.utl.pt), Virginia Frois, Pedro Fortuna, Ana Vasconcelos, Carla Lobo, Diogo Saldanha, Fernando Quintas, Andreia Ruivo, Solange Muralha, Márcia Vilarigues, Robert Wiley, Richard Meitner, Inês Albuquerque.

Our group presents two fields of action, art and science, otherwise considered opposites that are here connected through the materials glass and ceramic.
The aims of this group are only possible to be achieved through the strong collaboration between artists, scientists and designers. All of them are essential to embrace all the complexities of glass and ceramic materials. It is our goal to be at the forefront of both the investigation and stimulation of artistic and scientific innovation connected to glass and ceramic. We are already responsible for pioneer studies in new glass materials for art works, such as the luminescent glass, and we wish to be a reference institution in education of glass and ceramics. Our experience to date has taught us much about the links existing between art and science, but also what differentiates the two pursuits. As a result of this experience a critical and theoretical debate on the possible synergies between art and science, following the results of the transdisciplinary work of RU will be developed around concepts such us Creativity, Visibility, Light-matter interactions, common to both areas. This interface is accomplished within four methodologies:

  1. Pursuing material and technological advances in glass and ceramics that may be the matter of artistic and/or design creations;
  2. Creating glass or ceramic artworks, where artists explore their artistic languages, and creating artistic works for site-specific places;
  3. Creating strategic associations with designers, industry and marketing, where a more assertive and tactical methodology to create products can be done in association with both national or international glass and ceramic industries;
  4. Applying artistic expression as a mediator of social relations, promoting dialogue and interaction between distant and nearby communities.


  1. Luminescent Glasses with Ultraviolet LED’s and Solar Energy Capture | Download
  2. New palette of colors of luminescent enamels | Download
  3. 2D and 3D printing | Download
  4. Ceramics and glass in public spaces – the challenge of public art: Theoretical and practical approaches such as the creation of artistic works for site-specific places. Design for social innovation that crosses the knowledge between materials and participatory workshops
  5. Collaborative practice, mediation project between art, design and community: in partnership with NGOs of troubled and poor neighborhoods of Lisbon intends to apply to artistic expression, as a mediator of social relations, promoting dialogue and interaction between distant and nearby communities.
  6. Glass and Architecture: new products which could be associated with current architecture practice, new ways of using glass in sustainable construction. Collaboration with students and professional of these areas will be encouraged, so that some more ecological solutions could be found in contemporary architecture.

VICARTE is thankful for the support of the following entities: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, CRISFORM Marinha Grande, Câmara Municipal da Marinha Grande , Santos Barosa, Jasmim, In-Fusão, Barracha Ltda., Saint Gobain Glass Portugal, CRISAL, FERRO Indústrias Químicas, Portugal, Lta., KERAjet Portugal, Atlantis, Saint Gobain, Portugal, Libbey, Repsol, Culturgest, Fundação Millennium BCP.